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'Ziva' - Joyful Havanese Puppies Placed From Sea To Shining Sea!  
"Retired - Ziva"
"Radiance, Brilliance or Light of God"
Ziva is our second puppy from Budapest, Hungary and is from one of the top Havanese Show Kennels in Europe. Both of her parents have multiple wins in the Show Ring there.

We like to choose from championship lines because the puppies that come from these lines tend to be the best of the breed; both in conformation to their breed standard as well as in possessing healthy traits that will be passed onto their puppies.

She is an unusual tricolor with a red and black coat with a little white on her face.

Her name means: Brilliance, brightness, or light and she certainly is a radiant beauty that gets a lot of compliments on how pretty she is from whoever sees her!

She loves to play ball or run after her toy snake which she will bring back for more throws for as long as I will play. She will also go off and play with the others, tugging on their rope or racing up and down the deck especially with her buddy Pippin.

After all that she is content to lay on my lap and get the loving she adores, showing me that by her licks. We look forward to seeing her and Pippin’s future puppies!

Zeva's Dam (mom)

Best in show wins -

  • Joan Jett Hungaria Junior Champion,
  • Hungaria Show Champion,
  • Hungaria Champion,
  • Serbian Champion,
  • Serbian Grand Champion,
  • Balkan Champion,
  • Macedonia Champion,
  • Macedonia Grand Champion,
  • Romanian Champion,
  • Romanian Grand Champion,
  • Slovak Champion,...etc...
  • Finished Inter Champion title, Best Havanese female in 2017 Asian and toy dog club,Top Havanese Female 2017

Zeva's Sire (dad)

Best in show wins -

  • RO.JCH (Romanian Junior Champion)
  • SRB CH ( Serbian Champion) ,
  • RO GCH ( Romanian Grand Champion)
  • SK JCH (Slovak Junior Champion)Asian
  • Toy breeds club Champion,11x CAC,10XBOB,..etc
  • Top Havanese male in 2018,TOP 4 dog in ÁBE CLUB IN 2018...In this year finished Slovak Champion,Slovenian Champion ...


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