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ETA ~ Joyful Havanese Puppy Litters 

Early August. 2019
Litter of Havanese Puppies
Rocko & Garbo


Late August. 2019
Litter of Havanese Puppies
Pippin & Lily



Welcome to Joyful Havanese Puppies

After many requests to add to our breeding program small, hypoallergenic puppies, I decided to start a search on a family friendly toy dog.  I have had several breeds myself, both a Llyso Apso and a Toy Poodle are two toys I have had.  While I loved my own dogs, I really don’t like little yappers who never stop barking and have snippy attitudes! 

   I started to read about the Havanese and the more I learned, the more I liked what I was reading about them.  I loved that they were small, fun, loving, good guard dogs, but don’t bark excessively!   I also read how they are a hypoallergenic toy that will allow those who can’t do fur with allergies, Havanese have hair, still enjoy a nice family, friendly dog.  In fact I read they are like labs in a small body. And they truly are!

Breeding Show Quality From Champions...

Winslett's Xcuse Me Sir
(Garbo's Sire)

"Dog of the year 2012"
Import male from Finnland
Champion of Montenegro, San Marino, Georgia and Mediteran!!!

Ch Salemi Jupiter of ZujerO ROM
(Lily's Sire)



   Co-owner: Mary Beth Powley - "I was so surprised by the joy our first puppy, a gorgeous, chocolate Irish Pied, Rocko, brought to our home!  And so, Joyful Havanese came into being.  Havanese truly add a ray of sunshine whenever they hip, hop into the room!  They are such sturdy, playful, athletic, bundles of joy!  They can be shown for their beauty, participate in obedience, agility, and rally.  They come in all different colors and with all different markings, from fawn to black, brindle to red, chocolate, white, mahogany or blond, as many people like to say, a rainbow of colors make up the Havanese world.
   We are happy to offer puppies from Championship lines!  All our breeding dogs come from Sires and Dams that are shown Champions and chosen for their health, as well as their conformation to the standard.  We do test the eyes, patellas, and hearts, as well as breed only those with a clean bill of health.  We want to ensure we are doing all that is humanly possible to produce the best quality in our puppies!  Our puppies are dewormed, given first shots, vet checked, started on potty training and come with a 2 year health guarantee.  They are smart and easily trained and will bring many years of joy and happiness to any home!  
   Finally, all of our puppies are whelped and raised right in our home which enables us to give them all the attention they will need to have a good start! They get plenty of loving care from my husband and myself, my younger children, as well as all my grandchildren. Take a look around our site and see the beauties that we have to offer or simply give us a call at 585-658-9389"


Joyful Havanese Puppies
Blair & Mary Beth Powley
7310 Mount Morris - Nunda Rd.
Mt. Morris, NY 14510


26 Month Health Guarantee