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'Merry' - Joyful Havanese Puppies Placed From Sea To Shining Sea!  


 We love our MerryMan with the full name of:

"Joyful’s Meriadoc Brandybuck Master of the Hall”

Call name: Merry

He is a stunning red in color that I was so blessed to receive, as the red Havanese are hard to find with breeding rights!  I am having fun continuing on in our 'theme names' following "The Lord of the Rings”  that some of our Havanese have. 

Meriadoc is a Welsh variant of Meiriadog with the meaning of Merry, Happy, and Joyful and he certainly fits his names meaning!!  He is so fun and so loving, he loves to play ball with me and wrestles with the others, chasing them all around. He also is one of my favorites to cuddle with as he lays sprawled out on my lap.  

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Joyful Havanese Puppies
Blair & Mary Beth Powley
7310 Mount Morris - Nunda Rd.
Mt. Morris, NY 14510


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